Medicinal cannabis legislation update

medicinal cannabis

In Portugal, the Portaria n.º 44-A/2019, which refers to the price of preparations and/or substances based on the cannabis plant, was published on the 31st of January. It circunscribes the regulation of the price to a mechanism of communication to the National Authority, INFARMED, I. P.. Its revision is predicted, nonetheless, and it shall evolve to a maximum price mecanism.

The new Portuguese legislation that regulates medicinal cannabis was promulgated on the 1st of February and INFARMED, I. P. created an area dedicated to these products in its website: http://www.infarmed.pt/web/infarmed/canabis-medicinal

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4th February, World Cancer Day

As an innovation accelerator, on World Cancer Day, ELS Solutions would like to sum up where we stand on cancer research.

Immunotherapy. A report in 2018 described the clearance all tumors from a woman with metastatic breast cancer using immunotherapy. Currently, there are more than 2500 registered trials using immunotherapy and results will hopefully begin to benefit patients.

Microbiome. One of the hottest science topics at the moment, it is now accepted that bacteria in the gut may influence immune response to cancer and chemotherapy. Modelling the microbiome may therefore contribute to cancer therapy.

Liquid biopsies. The idea behind these is to diagnosis and monitor disease progression using blood tests. Even though these tests’ use is still not recommended for insufficient evidence, efforts are being made in that direction.

Organoids. These are tiny organs grown in the lab derived from patient samples and can be used for testing the susceptibility to several drugs. It is expected that organoids may play a relevant role in cancer treatment in a near future.

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2018 was a remarkable year in cancer research and, thus, expectations for 2019 are high. We, at ELS Solutions, are exposed to the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation in oncology pipeline and are equipped to undergo the registration and market access of these drugs. Count with us.