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From the diagnosis and execution of the asset valuation process, to the conclusion of the business and consequent follow-up.

Whether you are looking to sell, acquire, or optimize the performance of a mid-market company, there is truly only one place you can go to reliably achieve superior results: ELS Solutions Group

Our differentiation

A customer-oriented organization, focused on deeply understanding our client’s unique needs and critical mission objectives.

When you decide to engage with the ELS Solutions Group, you are involving a cutting-edge organization equipped with resources, where your dedicated M&A Advisor serves as an organizational maestro, directing and coordinating action plans that take you where you want to go.

Our approach

1. Technical-Centered

We are not only referring to a financial standpoint. We specialize in financial and pharmaceutical health. But we blend it with a unique set of attributes and competencies along with our cutting-edge scientific expertise, with decades of experience in pharmacy and healthcare companies. With combined doctoral and MBA degrees, the ELS Solutions Group provides a unique set of expertise to bring your dream business safely to land.

2. Personalized

Every engagement is unique and requires individual handling. Our philosophy is all about personalized client services and trusted professionals who act solely in the best interest of our clients.

3. Confidential

We are extremely strict in protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ business initiatives and their information, which we safeguard with utmost vigilance.

4. Valuation

We place even more emphasis on helping our clients fully and intelligently understand the dynamics of value and business valuation to eliminate guesswork and unrealistic expectations.

5. Results-Oriented

We adopt an honest, open and professionally partnership-oriented approach, leaning towards under-promising and over-delivering.

6. Client and People-Centered

While the world of mergers and acquisitions sometimes focuses on revenues, EBITDA multiples, compounded annual growth rates, which are important and serve their purpose, the ELS Solutions Group recognizes that it truly comes down to people, their pride in what they have built, their underlying motivations, and what they truly strive to achieve.

7. Clear and Action-Oriented

We listen and understand the goals, concerns, sensitivities, vision, and prioritized objectives of our clients. We simplify the complex. We cooperatively share our expertise, wisdom gained over the years to provide fresh and objective insights and advice. We formulate sensible strategic action plans carefully aligned with our client’s objectives. Then, we mobilize a coordinated effort – leveraging technology and working in harmony to firmly achieve our client’s goals without compromise in the pharmaceutical, medtech, dietary supplement, and healthcare sectors.

Our methodology

Our methodology includes:

National and international research;

Application of our combined scientific and financial know-how in asset valuation, incorporating both financial and non-financial criteria important to the pharmaceutical industry (we go beyond EBITDA):

Technical assessment:

  • Post-registration asset assessment and registration asset assessment;
  • Site and facility assessment;
  • QMS assessment;
  • Pipeline assessment;
  • And many others.

Implementation of assessment, teasers, management presentations, books, VDD,  preliminary and confirmatory due diligence, as well as legal, tax, and regulatory validation with business monitoring until its completion.

other services

Regulatory & Quality

ELS Solutions is a certified company in Europe and Latin America, with strong technical and strategic knowledge in Regulation and Quality Assurance.

Distribution Headhunting

ELS Solutions is a certified company in Europe and Latin America, with strong technical and strategic knowledge in Regulation and Quality Assurance.


ELS Solutions provides a robust Import, Warehousing, Billing and Customer Service service, in the countries where it is represented, so that the customer controls their business, their margin and does not need to depend on the distributor, focusing on increasing of sales.

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