ELS Solutions - Import


ELS Solutions provides a robust integrated logistics, invoicing and customer service.

Together with our Registration and Hosting service, we ensure that you can sell and deliver your product from your local warehouse to your international distributor. All of this in a process that offers control, quality, and cost savings.

ELS Solutions - Import

Services we provide:

  • Importation

  • Warehouse

  • Invoicing

  • Shipment

  • Logistics and Customer Service

Differentiators in the import service

  • Manages your stock through strategic and specialized logistical warehouses, with your product available for dispatch as soon as distributors request it.

  • The distributor places have more purchase orders since there are no storage costs to have minimum stock.

  • Product quality guarantee until delivery to the distributor.

  • Integration between ELS Solutions and Customer’s ERP systems so that you can check the existing stock in real time.

  • Customer capability to manage international operations from its home-based location and working with 1 partner-only for back office and RA/OA execution and control in international market.

  • Technical director allocated to the warehouse and back office. which guarantees premium quality and agility.

  • It allows the distributor to have a quality management system. process and traceability assuring its commitment to compliance. safety and quality policies. while optimizing costs and controls.

Optimization of all innovation processes, pipeline prioritization, and portfolio rationalization

ELS Solutions provides importation, logistics, warehousing, handling, and invoicing services for pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics, and dietary supplements, always considering local approval and import regulations.

Supplier selection

Audits and Origin Verification

Tariff Classification Determination

Research on the best carriers

Product storage

Quality assurance of imported products


Support in origin markets and bureaucratic procedures

Support and management of the entire customs process

Institutional relationship with international sector organizations

Assessment and Reconciliation Services

Complete logistic support and translation in multiple languages

Other services

Marketing Advisory

ELS Solutions carries out realistic, pragmatic and customized Market Studies for your company for your product or service in the target market, in Europe and Latin America.

Management & Innovation

Integrated management of specific departments of a company covering its biggest challenges.

Pipeline Management

ELS Solutions has ELSy®​, a patented matchmaking tool that allows our clients to access their sought-after pipeline from a database of more than 15,000 entries for new products, associations and differentiated forms of presentation, obtained from from a broad geographic spectrum, pre-qualified pricing, regulation and quality.

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