ELS Solutions plans, selects, attracts, negotiates and manages

We find and manage the best distributor for your company, considering your needs, product, and target audience throughout Europe and Latin America.

Channel Structuring

  • Evaluate different channel partners

  • Preliminary qualification of each channel partner

  • Realistic objective and timeline setting

  • Framework of channel strategy

ELS Solutions - Distribution Headhunting

Distributor Screening and Qualification

  • Preliminary screening list of specialty distributor partners that potentially match your distributor profile;
  • Track and qualify these distributors. Our qualification process includes:
    ✓ Contacting these distributors, introducing the company, and providing information about the products;
    ✓ Interview each distributor;
    ✓ Further qualification via video calls, on-site visits and reference verification.
  • Support:
    ✓ Attending on-site meetings;
    ✓ Reviewing documents;
    ✓ Conducting additional interviews.

Distributor Selection

  • Facilitate virtual introductions;
  • Set up and hosting of structured B2B meeting;
  • Issuance of meeting minutes and report with reccomendations;
  • Offer of distributor contract templates for local country and law to be adjusted by your legal counsel;
  • Negotiation facilitation until the agreement is signed.

Market Access Stages

  1. Finding a distributor for your medical device, medications, cosmetics;
  2. Types of distributors of medical device;
  3. Creating a profile to select distributors;
  4. Qualified distributors on your shortlist;
  5. Contracts;
  6. Follow-up with the local team in the local language.


Our team of sales managers contacts the best distributors throughout Europe

Avoid costs and travel time

Low risk of investment

Better price negotiations and protection of supply prices

Quick market entry through “experienced” participants who already have good contacts with the target group

You can have your distributors trained and accredited

Other services


ELS Solutions provides a robust Import, Warehousing, Billing and Customer Service service, in the countries where it is represented, so that the customer controls their business, their margin and does not need to depend on the distributor, focusing on increasing of sales.

Marketing Advisory

ELS Solutions carries out realistic, pragmatic and customized Market Studies for your company for your product or service in the target market, in Europe and Latin America.

Management & Innovation

Integrated management of specific departments of a company covering its biggest challenges.

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