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ELS Solutions has an approved process, which we call ELSA

ELSA is a figure that humanizes our 8 services and reflects our working method – guided by transparency, solidity, robustness, simplicity and honesty. That’s how we work. This is the perception we want from our customers. ELSA is, in short, our great differentiating factor and competitive advantage – we stand out through the association of a high degree of expertise with clear human values.

Research & Development

ELS Solutions participates in the entire product development process, from the moment a need is identified to its clinical evaluation.

  • Design

  • Formulation development

  • Identification and validation of the analytical method

  • Packaging definition

Regulation and Quality

ELS Solutions is a certified company in Europe, Brazil and Latin America, with strong technical and strategic knowledge in Regulation and Quality Assurance.

  • Experience in registering companies and products

  • Analysis and audit of the client’s technical documentation

  • Rational writing, compilation and submission of the technical file for registration

  • GMP Audit Services

Distribution Headhunting

Aiming at the continuous expansion of the market of the Pharmaceutical and Health Industry companies with which it works, ELS Solutions plans, selects, attracts, negotiates and manages the most suitable distributor(s) for the target product of the customer in Europe and Latin America.

  • Database of mapped and qualified distributors

  • Access to top management at each distributor

  • final qualification

  • Short list presentation


ELS Solutions provides a robust Import, Warehousing, Billing and Customer Service service, in the countries where it is represented, so that the customer controls their business, their margin and does not need to depend on the distributor, focusing on increasing of sales.

  • Registration and Hosting

  • Storage

  • Invoicing

  • Customer service

Marketing Advisory

ELS Solutions carries out realistic, pragmatic and customized Market Studies for your company for your product or service in the target market, in Europe and Latin America.

  • Actual market size

  • Industry, margins and value chain analysis

  • Realistic sales forecast alignment

Management & Innovation

Integrated management of specific departments of a company covering its biggest challenges.

  • Innovation Management

  • Integrated Management of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pipeline Management

ELS Solutions has ELSy®​, a patented matchmaking tool that allows our clients to access their sought-after pipeline from a database of more than 15,000 entries for new products, associations and differentiated forms of presentation, obtained from a broad geographic spectrum, pre-qualified pricing, regulation and quality.

  • Active Supplier Management

  • Customer wish list search

  • Matchmaking Customer wishlist with supplier offer

  • Pre-qualification of the required Quality and Regulation package for the Customer

Acquisitions and Mergers

ELS Solutions performs the stages of the Mergers & Acquisitions process for pharmaceutical assets and the Health and Wellness industries, from the diagnosis and execution of the asset valuation process, to the conclusion of the deal and consequent follow-up.

  • Multiple assets under exclusive management

  • Large-volume database of potential buyers, duly qualified

  • Specific know-how in product enhancement

  • Follow-up of the final contract

Lectures and Training

ELS Solutions offers technical-commercial lecture services and product training activities to our customers’ teams, wherever they are. Integrated service that guarantees the sharing of impactful and captivating messages with the public, embracing broad-spectrum subjects, from innovation to the latest scientific development, from entrepreneurship to business management or advanced training.

  • Product formation activities

  • Technical-commercial lectures

Medicinal Cannabis

ELS Solutions can offer your company guidance from seed to sale, becoming an extension of your team, through all the necessary steps in launching your product.

  • Regulatory configuration and file submission;

  • ACM and AIM INFARMED authorizations;

  • EU-GMP certification that includes all necessary steps;

  • EU-GMP certification that includes all necessary steps;

  • Analytical tests;

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