ELS Solutions holds ELSy®, a patented AI-powered matchmaking tool that allows our customers to gain access to their sought pipeline from a database of over 15.000 entries for new products, associations and differentiated presentation forms, brought from a wide geographical spectrum, pre-qualified price, regulatory and quality wise.

This technology platform is continuously updated to provide the most current information. This data is then combined with information from your company to qualify and plan a realistic scenario.​

Our goal is to make our customers’ new businesses agile and efficient.

We are pleased to inform you that ELSy® – our AI-powered matchmaking pipeline database – has successfully undergone PCT phase from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

This patent assures our valued customers are receiving a unique, validated, and value-added pipeline service for the portfolio and overall business growth, both domestically and overseas.

This database allows our clients to:

End-to-end tracking of the global pharma R&D pipeline from bench to patient, including company development trends, global development status, and therapeutic class status.​