ELS Solutions executes realistic, pragmatic and customized Market Studies for your company’s product or services in the target market, in Europe or Latin America.

1. Real world evidence for healthcare and life sciences

    • Customized market studies;
    • Local syndicated reports;
    • Customer and competitor intelligence at therapy and country level;
    • Product usage understanding by country and therapeutic area;
    • Epidemiology analysis;
    • Idyosyncratic market catalysts analysis;
    • In-depth interviews, intercept interviews and focus groups;
    • Therapeutic expertise analysis;
    • Local customers/licensees assessment by country, by therapeutic area;
    • Local stakeholders profiling: cmos, cros, obls, kols, payers, patient support groups, distributors, ip agents, wholesalers;
    • Market access and risk-benefit optimization.

2. Internationalization process advisory and execution

    • Process creation, approval and implementation;
    • Els internationalization proprietary kpi’s;
    • Detailed commercial planning: Commercial insight, Compliance advisory for local markets eMarketing and sales traction for local success.

3. Sales forecast studies in difficult markets

    • Epidemiology-based market and sales forecast.

4. Princing benchmark studies and full channel margin analysis

5. Customer feedback surveys integrated with quality management system needs

6. Patient journey and patient-based forecast model

7. Standards of care by country

8. Smart conjoint analysis

9. Strategic marketing plan design and board-room defense

    • Growth strategies;
    • Trends summary by country, healthcare sub-industry and therapeutic area;
    • Crafting value-based healthcare business models;
    • Digital health advisory;
    • Go-to-market strategy.

10. Innovation process audit and design