ELS Solutions aims at the continuity of market expansion of the pharmaceutical and health companies with which it works.

ELS Solutions plans, selects, attracts, negotiates and manages the best distributor(s) for the client’s target product in Europe and Latin America.

  • Product Acceptance;
  • Major Players;
  • Comparison with major competitors;
  • Potential issues;
  • Testing Market Strategy.                       
  • Evaluate different channel partners;
  • Preliminary qualification of each channel partner;
  • Realistic objective and timeline setting;
  • Framework of channel strategy, including where to start, how to radiate into other regions, what is already available and a preliminary distributor/licensee list.


  • Preliminary screening list of specialty distributor partners that potentially match your distributor profile;
  • Our qualification includes:

✓ Contacting these distributors, introducing your company and providing product information;

✓ Interview each distributor to determine if the company has the resources, experience, and potential to successfully market your products including:

    1. Financial health analysis;
    2. Capacity analysis: adequate sales force for respective market;
    3. Coverage analysis: if they cover all territory or just a city/state;
    4. Competitor products existence;
    5. Margin analysis and commercial practices.
  • Further qualification via video calls, on-site visits and reference verification including:

✓ Accompany on onsite meetings;

✓ Document review;

✓ Additional interviewing.

  • Facilitate virtual introductions between you and the potential distribution partner candidates;
  • Set up and hosting of structured B2B meeting with all distributors in 1-2 days in our local offices or through video calls;
  • Issuance of minutes of meeting minutes and report with recommendations;
  • Offer of distributor contract templates for local country and law to be adjusted by your legal counsel;
  • Negotiation facilitation up until its conclusion and agreement signed.
  • Regulate how suppliers of products and services are trained;
  • It constitutes the successful business development cycle, not only in benefits and resources, but with the objective of bringing the product to the market to maximize sales;
  • It offers not only a training program, but an accreditation process that will directly build not only knowledge, but intelligent ‘sales’ methods;
  • Seal of approval’ for distributors who wish to market their industry in this industry and focused on relationships;
  • Market opportunities and sales techniques, as each distributor has their own way of communicating, so we can train each team of distributors in what we call the sales maximization process – maximizing orders and maximizing business.

We can assist you with the initial distributor training & accreditation, logistics setup, coaching, and management of the distribution partners including:

Marketing material preparation;

Initial training-selling points;

Logistics set up;

Coaching & Distributor Management;

Marketing initiatives, initiated by manufacturer, implemented by distributors, coordinated by ELS;

Follow up with our distributor management team for MOQ compliance.

  1. Finding Distributor for your medical device, drugs, food supplements, cosmetics, sanitizers or medical cannabis
  2. Using your target profile to screen distributors
  3. Qualifying Distributors towards a short list
  4. Negotiating and Contracting
  5. Follow up with local team in local language