ELS Solutions’ CEO leads Compliance and Regulatory Committee exclusive for the Health and Pharmaceutical industry

Diogo Sousa-Martins presides the recently established OPCR Compliance and Regulatory Committee, exclusively created for the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector.

The Compliance and Regulatory Portuguese Observatory (OPCR) has just founded an exclusive commission for the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector, with the objective of discussing, qualifying and directing compliance and regulatory procedures.

Presided over by Diogo Sousa-Martins, CEO of ELS Solutions, OPCR first sectoral commission aims at consensualization and subsequent standardization of the best practices to adopt for companies in the Health and Pharmaceutical sector, in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.

We live in a time when the need to create and adhere to healthy and timely compliance rules is crucial; and within the regulatory sector, the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector has assumed a pioneering position “, underlines Diogo Sousa-Martins. “Regardless of how they operate, manage and perform their regulatory and compliance functions and obligations, it is not uncommon to see different interpretations and distinct practices adopted by similar companies operating in this market,” said the Chairman of the OPCR Health and Pharmacy Comission, expressing the commitment of best practices standardization.

Within the scope of OPCR, we have just created the first sectoral commission for the health and pharmaceutical sector, a sector characterized by its dynamic and demanding regulatory environment,” says Miguel Trindade Rocha. The Executive President of OPCR adds: “With this commission the OPCR hopes to contribute to the definition of quality standards in the sector and to the application of best practices.

Analyzing and mitigating compliance risks is essential to developing an effective compliance program and ensuring the future sustainability of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

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