The currently licensed COVID-19 vaccines in the European Union (EU) include the following variants: Wuhan monovalent (original vaccine), bivalent Wuhan/Omicron BA.1, bivalent Wuhan/Omicron BA.4/5, monovalent Beta(B.1.351) and bivalent Beta (B.1.351) Alpha (B.1.1.7).

The available efficacy and effectiveness data show that the currently approved COVID-19 vaccines continue to provide protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death. However, the same data indicate that protection decreases with time and as the virus mutates. Read more here:

ELS can and is able to register all types of medicines in Europe and LATAM, as well as ensure their distribution and assist in the research and development of new medicines. Please contact your local ELS consultant via this link: or via email:

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