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Strategic advisory company for the Pharmaceutical, Health and Wellness Industry.

In a highly competitive market, we want our clients to grown with us. We need to find the right opportunities, suggest the perfect move and execute it quickly in order for our clients to be always in first place. We strongly believe that this is the way our clients can reach the market first than its competitors.

ELS Team

Since I joined ELS I felt very supported by the team, always ready to help and clarify my doubts.

It was a huge challenge where I was able to get out of my comfort zone creating a great learning experience. ELS is a very dynamic company that encourages employees to be better and more demanding with themselves, always with the objective of achieving results. I am grateful for the exchange of knowledge I had with the entire committed team that works in the company.

Mayara Araujo, Sales Associate
ELS Team

From the first moment I felt welcomed by the team.

It was a big challenge for me, I completely got out of my comfort zone, always open to new experiences with a lot of learning. I would especially like to thank Marjorie, who was with me every day and who taught me most of the teachings. ELS is a very dynamic, demanding company that encourages employees to learn more and more! The exchange of knowledge, admiration and teamwork were the pillars for a good performance of my work.

Guilherme Paixão , Regulatory Associate
ELS Team - Sarita

With innovation and simplicity, we took the last year on the path of expanding our business, always aiming at the growth of the team and the company, we opened our range of projects and work to other markets, making ELS a global company.

Sharing knowledge, leading and putting our plans into practice are the challenges that drive us the most internally. I am grateful to be part of this team and to see the results show.

Sarita Sanchez, Global General Manager
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