Internationalization Pharmaceutical Business ELS Solutions

Specialists in the internationalization of pharmaceutical businesses.

We are a Strategic Advisory Company and our solutions cover a wide range of medical specialties, with local operations in Europe and Latin America.

  • Medical Device

  • Cannabis

  • Food supplements

  • Medicines

  • Cosmetics

  • Disinfectants

We have the right solution for you

Our services allow new products and companies to enter the markets in which we operate and facilitate international business in an agile and efficient manner.

ELS Solutions participates in the entire product development process, from the moment a need is identified to its clinical evaluation.

Realistic, pragmatic and customized Market Studies for your product or service in the target market, in Europe and Latin America.

ELS Solutions is a certified company in Europe, Brazil and Latin America, with strong technical and strategic knowledge in Regulation and Quality Assurance.

Plans, selects, attracts, negotiates and manages the most suitable distributor(s) for the customer’s target product.

For the customer to control their business, their margin and not need to depend on the distributor, focusing on increasing sales.

Complete and integrated service that encompasses 2 segments: Innovation Management and Integrated Management of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Vicente Rodrigues 
CEO of Presbycarrod

Dr. Vicente Rodrigues 
CEO of Presbycarrod

They represented personal excellence and very, very high human quality. They offered us creative and quick solutions (…) I recommend ELS Solutions.

Dr. Hugo Nascimento 
Co-founder and Executive Director of Combine Dynamic 

Dr. Hugo Nascimento 
Co-founder and Executive Director of Combine Dynamic 

ELS proved, from day one, to be our best choice (…) At this moment I could only mention ELS as one of the best companies related to the pharmaceutical business that we could choose.

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